Music from the beloved Studio Ghibli.
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This has always been one of my favourite Hisaishi compositions, and one of the many reasons I dislike the Disney dub of Laputa: Castle in the Sky, as they felt the need to redo the score and ruin it.

  • Track: Robot Soldier
  • Artist: Joe Hisaishi
  • Album: Laputa : Castle in the Sky
  • Plays: 2101
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This is the beautiful original theme song that Disney decided wasn’t good enough for their dub, so they replaced it, with this abomination -

Warning: The link above may cause trauma to your ears… and soul.

Thankfully the UK decided to make their own English language dub, in which they keep the Japanese score/music.

  • Track: Arrietty's Song
  • Artist: Cecile Corbel
  • Plays: 19027